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Oven cleaning – specialty oven cleaning in Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire

DCS have a professional van mounted Hybrid Oven Cleaning Tank. This, combined with a professional product and a heat element, we can strip down your oven, hob, grill, BBq or extractor fan. We clean areas that general cleaning simply can’t.Clean Oven

We clean even behind self cleaning panels, where baked on carbon and grease can build up. We also where possible separate the glass in the Oven door to clean in between the two sections of glass, removing any grime. Once this oven cleaning is complete, this allows full vision into your oven, like when it was new.

All parts (glass, racks, bulb covers, panels, door seals etc.) are placed in the tank at high temperatures with the professional eco-friendly product, whilst the hard work begins inside the oven by hand.

Once all parts and inside the oven are looking like new, we rebuild it. Leaving you with a fresh and clean oven, ready to use straight away without the worry of any toxic chemicals being left behind.

We can replace bulbs and filters, and clean all types of cookers/ovens. Ranging from single ovens, double ovens, ranges and even AGA’s.

DCS have the specialised equipment needed to completely meet the oven cleaning needs of our customers. Oven cleaning is a difficult task without this. Contact us, and let DCS take care of any oven cleaning you require. Enjoy your cooking, leave the oven cleaning to us.

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